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SKATE Nation Ghana is a not-for-profit, community based organization bringing skateboarding to the youth of Ghana and linking skateboarders around the globe together to share ideas and to create an impact by helping others develop active lifestyles through skateboarding.

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*SKATE Nation Ghana collects funds through its fiscal sponsor The OR Foundation, a US-based 501(C)(3) public charity.

Founded in 2008 by Joshua Ganyobi Odamtten. SKATE Nation GHANA brings together people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to have fun skating. Join us at the skatepark every sunday at Labadi's Trade Fair or connect with us when we tour the country. Stay up to date on where we will be via our facebook page.

Joshua Ganyobi Odamtten
Joshua is one of Ghana's best skateboarders. He has taught dozens of kids how to skate and inspired hundreds. When not on a skateboard, he works as a professional photographer and aspiring fashion designer. A proud native of Labadi in Accra, Ghana, Joshua is on Instagram @ganyobi1.
JP Dadson
JP is a DJ, a sound engineer and an avid skater. He helps manage Skate Nation GH and plays good music at the park.
Yaw Adjei Amosah
Age: 35 | Height: 6'4
Years Skateboarding: 16
Skate: Goofy and Switch
Favourite Trick: Kickflip

I'm Ghanaian born, raised in the U.S., now living in Ghana, trying my best to promote skateboarding in Ghana and to represent Skate Nation GH. My other hobbies are snowboarding, car racing, video games, art and traveling.
Love Mensah Adjetey Mayne
Called "M3nsah" by my friends, I live in Accra, Ghana. I work monday to friday as a technician for office machines and a drone pilot for videography. On the weekends I skate. I like to teach people what I know and to see the best in people by learning more from me.

Where can I find you skating?
Join us every Sunday afternoon at Trade Fair in Labadi, Accra! Other tour dates will be posted via our social media.

How hard is it to learn how to skate?
All it takes is practice. Stop by and we will show you how!

Do I need my own skateboard?
We have a limited supply of boards that can be shared by new skaters. Once you feel comfortable it is best to get your own board. We can help you find one for an affordable price.

What is your favorite thing about skating?
The community and having fun!

Resources & Press

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Watch us in a documentary about skateboarding in Ghana on Youtube.

Visit our Youtube Channel.

The Best Boards: Bamboo Skateboards.

Learn about our not-for-profit, US-based, 501(C)(3) fiscal sponsor The OR Foundation.


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